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The Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme – for Induction Cooker


The third phase of the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MEELs) is effective from 1 December 2019. Under the third phase of the MEELs, televisions, storage type electric water heaters and induction cookers are included. Understanding the challenges faced by retailers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, STC responded rapidly by providing the full range of testing services to ensure the above-mentioned products are in compliance with the MEELs.

> For Induction Cooker:

   a. that is an encased assembly using electromagnetic induction heating as the heat source for household cooking; and
   b. that
       i) uses mains electricity as the only power source;
       ii) has a rated power not fewer than 700 watts but not exceeding 3,500 watts for each heating unit; and
       iii) has a total rated power not exceeding 7,000 watts.

> Tests Required to be Carried Out

    - The tests specified below are required to be carried out, in accordance with GB 21456 or other equivalent international standards, in order to find out the energy efficiency and performance characteristics of induction cookers. The test report required under Section 6 of the Ordinance shall contain below test results:
      a. Input power test
      b. Thermal efficiency test; and
      c. Standby power consumption test.

> Energy Efficiency Grading

The energy efficiency grading of induction cookers shall be determined by their rated power as shown in the table, with Grade 1 signifying the best performance and Grade 5 signifying the worst.

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