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Guideline for Product Compliance


Are you developing new products?
Are you failing product compliance?
Are you having trouble passing thru customs due to product compliance?

5 General Steps to Product Compliance
1. On the CPSC website, use the regulatory robot to determine the type of testing for your product
2. Check for the latest substance regulation for your product
3. Find the CPSC certified laboratory to complete testing
4. Adhere to the label requirement from CPSC
5. Acquire the Children's Product Certificate or General certificate of conformity with your testing report

At STC Group, we can help.

1. We are a CPSC accredited testing laboratory, serving the industry in testing, inspection and certification needs for nearly 60 years
2. Global Locations
3. Competitive Pricing
4. 24-hour Response Time
5. We can serve all of your product compliance needs from R&D to passing through custom

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